Psalm 103 Memory Challenge: God Makes Himself Known!

Now in the fourth week of the Psalm 103 Summer Memory Challenge, we will be turning our minds towards Psalm 103:7-8.

Today let’s dig into Psalm 103:7 for a deeper understanding. Speaking of God it says, “He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the children of Israel.” Psalm 103:7)

He made known His ways to Moses

Spurgeon points out, "Observe how prominent is the personality of God in all this gracious teaching—"He made known." He did not leave Moses to discover truth for himself, but became his instructor. What should we ever know if he did not make it known? God alone can reveal himself. If Moses needed the Lord to make him know, how much more do we who are so much inferior to the great law-giver?" Treasury of David by C.H. Spurgeon

Like Moses, God doesn't leave us to guess, but makes His ways known to us. God has made Himself, His ways, and His will known to us though His Word. Praise the Lord there is no shortage of His Word. It is the most published book of all time. Besides the abundance of printed Bibles, we are blessed to live in an age where God has made known everything we need for live and godliness not only in printed Bibles, but also in the form of various Bible translations online, Bible apps for mobile devices, audio bibles, and even solid Bible teachings on the radio. God has definitely made Himself known to us.

His acts to the children of Israel

God made known His acts to the children of Israel. Look at some of the acts God's people were so blessed to witness with their own eyes:
  • The plagues on Egypt in which the Israelites were spared, but the Egyptians repeatedly suffered because Pharaoh would not let God's people go.
  • The parting of the Red Sea when Pharaoh’s army had them backed into a corner at the Red Sea. God enabled every last Israelite to cross over to safety, but brought down the weight of the Red Sea on the Egyptians so that none survived, and the Israelites never needed to fear them ever again.
  • God's provision of water from a rock, when they were so thirsty in the wilderness.
  • God's provision of food for them in the form of Manna and Quail while they wandered in the desert.
These are just a few of the marvelous acts the Israelites witnessed God do on their behalf.

However Psalm 78 shows some of those acts described above, as well as how important is to "forget not all His benefits." (Psalm 103:2) Link to post. Starting at verse 10 in Psalm 78, it reveals of the Israelites:
They did not keep the covenant of God; They refused to walk in His law, and forgot His works and His wonders that He had shown them.

Marvelous things He did in the sight of their fathers, In the land of Egypt, in the field of Zoan. He divided the sea and caused them to pass through; and He made the waters stand up like a heap. In the daytime also He led them with the cloud, and all the night with a light of fire. He split the rocks in the wilderness, and gave them drink in abundance like the depths. He also brought streams out of the rock, and caused waters to run down like rivers.

But they sinned even more against Him by rebelling against the Most High in the wilderness. And they tested God in their heart by asking for the food of their fancy." (Psalm 78:10-18) See also Psalm 106:21-22.
Oh, how important it is to never forget the awesome acts of God in our life, and how fortunate we are that God has made His ways known to us, and allows us to witness His acts that He works in and throughout life. He is truly a blessing God!

God makes know His ways and acts to us, too!

Finally Spurgeon sums up Psalm 103:7 wonderfully, observing, "We, as believers in Jesus, know the Lord's ways of covenant grace, and we have by experience been made to see his acts of mercy towards us; how heartily ought we to praise our divine teacher, the Holy Spirit, who has made these things known to us, for had it not been for him we should have continued in darkness to this day." C.H. Spurgeon, Treasury of David
                                                                 Just for this week….
Week #
Verses to Memorize
Daily Memorization Plan
July 2-8
Psalm 103:7-8
1. Review last week’s verses first (Psalm 103:5-6) by reciting them 10 times (look at your Bible if you need to.)
2. Review old verses altogether (Psalm 103:1-6) by reciting it once through.
3. Read Psalm 103:7 out loud 10 times, then recite the verse 10 times. 
4. Read Psalm 103:8 out loud 10 times, then recite the verse 10 times. 

Happy memorizing!

Questions for you: How blessed are you knowing God has taken all the guesswork out of knowing Him and His will, by revealing all we need to know for life and godliness in the Bible alone? What's one thing you can do today to remember the good works of God in your life, so you never forget?  

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  1. Wow, I'm stumped. What a huge surprise I got when I got to your post - blog jumping as I am. LOL I have been memorizing this very Psalm too. And blogging it as well. LOL. Serious. How providential is that? To stumble across your post so early on the memorizing of this chapter. I might fast track it a little to catch up even. I don't do the full on chat about the verses but wow, it is so encouraging to see others memorizing this same passage. I must put you on my homeschool blog list so I can find you again. :o)

    1. Deborah, this was so neat to read! What a God thing! This totally made my day! :) I hope you'll join us. Thanks for sharing! God bless you richly!

  2. Another excellent study Brooke. Thank you for sharing these wonderful posts re: Psalm 103. I am starting to memorise this Psalm too now :D

    1. Thanks Wendy, for you kind words! I'm so glad you're memorizing Psalm 103, too! God bless you richly!

  3. Hi Brooke- Nice to meet you. I was coming by to visit via Lisa-Jo's link. I wasn't sure if this was your 5 minute friday post- since it looks very in depth. But I still wanted to come by with encouragement to keep with your writing, your focus and in depth study is interesting! Happy Weekend!

    1. Cole, thanks so much for you encouraging words! You blessed me. You're right this is too long for a Five Minute Friday Post. I link up to several Christian Websites during the week, so my Five Minute Friday link up doesn't always fit the five minutes. :) Anyway, I'm glad this blessed you. Thank you for the encouragement in my writing. It's a blessing to hear. God bless you richly!

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