3 Reasons We Don't Need To Worry

"Jarius, your daughter is dead.” Immediately after Jarius receives this gut wrenching news, Jesus instructs him, “Do not fret, only believe.” (Mark 5:35-36) Talk about a test of faith! I imagine if anyone else, but Jesus, would have told Jarius this, their words would have not been well received. And for good reason,  because anyone else would have been powerless to do anything to help Jarius' situation. (Matthew 19:26)

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Though Jesus’ command to Jarius to not fret, but only believe may sound as easy as “be anxious for nothing” (Philippians 4:6-7), when we consider a couple of truths about Jesus, we can see how Jesus’ instruction to not fret, only believe is not only doable, but incredibly freeing.
Jesus could confidently tell Jarius to not worry, but just trust Him because:

1. Jesus had the power to help Jarius, and make a positive difference in his situation (Isaiah 41:10)

2. Jesus would surely help Jarius because He loved him. (Psalm 34:19)

Despite what people say to us and how our circumstances appear, because God has the power to help us and He will surely help us because He loves us, we are completely free to not worry, just believe.  As the Newsboys sing: We are free!

 I am Free by Newsboys in American Sign Language

I love that Jesus ignored the discouraging report about Jarius’ daughter, and simply instructed Jarius in the way he should go—Don’t worry, just trust. What a great example for us to follow. When we hear or witness discouraging news, may we do as Jesus did, ignoring that which would pull our attention away from faith in Christ and instead make a decision not to worry, but trust only in Jesus.

Someone once said, “Worry is carrying a burden God never intended us to bear.” One of my favorite songs to listen to when I’m feeling anxious is Third Day’s, Come On Back To Me. Written as a love song from the Lord to us; I am always so pumped up by its chorus:

Never mind your worries
Never mind your fears
They can only take you far from Me
When you feel there’s nowhere
Left for you to turn
Well, I got all you want
And everything you need
Come on back to Me

--Third Day’s Come On Back To Me 

Come on Back to Me performed by Third Day

The next time you are tempted to worry, remember Who your God is in light of your problem: 
1. He is able to help you (Psalm 46:1)
2. He desires to help you (Psalm 86:15)
3. He will surely help you because He loves you (Psalm 41:13)

God bless you as you seek, in every situation, to not worry, but only believe--setting your mind on remembering God's past faithfulness and rehearsing His promises. 

Question for you: How do knowing these three truths about God pump you up to not fear, but only believe?

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  1. What a great reminder. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Learning to trust God and not give in to anxiety is not an easy thing to do yet again and again the Lord walks us down this path until we get the hang of it. It's so crucial to our faith and like you said, it is so liberating when we get to the place where we are able to rest and not fret. It makes for a more peaceful and happy life. :)

    1. Beautifully said, Vilisi! You summed it up so perfectly. You are exactly right, when we rest in the Lord and don't fret, "It makes for a more peaceful and happy life." Someone once said, "Worry is taking on a burden God never meant for us to bear." How blessed we are to know God who sets us free from that bondage so we can enjoy a peaceful and happy life despite our circumstances, because we are in the hands of the Good Shepherd Who takes amazing care of us. God bless you much!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Denise! So glad this blessed your heart. God bless you mightily!

  4. Beautiful post and wonderful music. God is so faithful :)

    1. Thanks, Ms. Kathleen! So happy this encouraged you. I love those songs, too. Third Day is my fave! May God give you a glorious week!

  5. Hi,
    I am following you from A Holy Experience. Counting the gifts of God has certainly made Him known to me. And knowing the truths of the Bible - especially His promises helps us through any situation. Because we know fear is not from God.
    Janis www.janiscox.com

    1. Janis, I agree counting the gifts of God is a super way to get to know our God. Sometimes His gifts are an answer to prayer. Sometimes we didn't even ask for something, and He blesses us anyway. You said it great, "His promises helps us through any situation." Yes they do. All the more reason why I feel compelled to memorize Scripture. How can I cling to God's promises if I don't know them? or are just kind of familiar with what a promise says? God bless you much, Janis!

  6. Thank you, Brooke, for sharing this post today - it was definitely God's timing as I wait for cancer surgery for my sister to be completed later this morning. Trusting and working to heed that command to fret not.

    1. Oh, Kate, praying your sister would have a full and miraculous recovery. Praying every bit of cancer has been removed. Praising God that this was timely for you. God bless you richly Kate, as you continue to trust in Him and seek to draw alongside your sister during her recovery.

  7. Great reminder. Thanks for sharing it. I visited from "What I Learned".

    1. Thanks! Happy it blessed you! God bless you lots and lots!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! God bless you much!

  9. I am linked up next to you on Time Warp Wife. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Judith! So glad you came by! God bless you abundantly!


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