FREE: Teaching Childen to Accept No For An Answer

I remember when my little girl was two and I asked her to get her shoes on because it was time to go grocery shopping. To my surprise she said, "No." Up until that point she'd always do what I asked her without a fuss. It was a revelation to me. She was now expressing strong opinions based on her definite likes and dislikes. It was interesting to see this new development in her, but I knew parenting would never be as easy as it was up until then.

No child wants to get a no answer, if they see it as keeping them from some perceived good. Yet we know, there are going to be disappointments in life. There are times when activities we are enjoying must be cut short, or we cannot participate in something we so badly wanted to attend.  How we handle those disappointments makes all the difference. For me, I want to equip my daughter with the godly way of dealing with disappointments, so whenever she may disappointed she can respond in a Christ-like way that glorifies Jesus.

I was so excited when I saw my very favorite parenting organization, The National Center for Biblical Parenting, is giving away a FREE, 26-page PDF on How to Help Your Kids Accept NO for an Answer.  This resource is chocked full of awesome, biblical parenting wisdom. It will be available till August 8, so get it now while you still can. You will be so blessed!

Here’s a little something the National Biblical Parenting Center has to say about this FREE till August 8th resource:

“Everyone has to learn to live within limits and it’s best when children learn it young. Accepting no as an answer teaches children the valuable heart-quality of contentment. Children have many manipulative techniques to challenge a no answer including, whining, badgering, and arguing. If you see these bad habits in your kids, this session will show you exactly what to do to bring about the change both you and your kids need.”

Sound good? Here’s how you get this little gem. Simply go to Teaching Children to Accept No as an Answer (downloadable PDF) to get your freebie!

I’ve read several books from the National Biblical Parenting Center and have been so equipped and blessed by every book. I know this FREE resource on Teaching Children to Accept No for an Answer will bless you as well!

Questions for you: Have you heard of The National Center for Biblical Parenting? What could a resource like this make possible for you and your family?

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