Join Me in Memorizing Jonah!

While I’ve been blessed to have memorized various Psalms with others over the years, I’ve always wanted to memorize an entire book of the Bible. Though I attempted to memorize Philippians on my own, I found for me, I don’t stick to memorizing a book long enough without the fun and encouragement of memorizing with others. (I lost steam a little into Philippians chapter 2.) Still God's Word never returns void and what I did memorize I trust the Lord will use powerfully in my life, even though I never finished. Now I know memorizing with others energizes me to memorize and stick with it to the end like nothing else does. So if you are like me and are energized and encouraged to memorize an entire passage with others, or you just like the sound of memorizing God’s Word with others, I encourage you to join me in memorizing Jonah from now to before Christmas.

I first read about memorizing Jonah from an email from Scripture Memory Fellowship. It is a great ministry that leads people through memorizing various portions of God’s Word. Scripture Memory Fellowship program for memorizing Jonah is designed to both equip and encourage you from memorizing Jonah’s first verse to its last verse by offering the following:

Besides the helpful info on memorizing scripture at the beginning, each week includes a page for you to write out your memory verses for that week followed by a page featuring three study questions. Take a peek into the Memory Journal.

The Basic Enrollment is free and their website says it includes a PDF. I believe that PDF is the 48 page PDF you can print out , hole punch, and put in a binder. 48 pages to print is a lot and especially if you print in full color (like the cover and weekly pages designed for writing out your verses for the week. The artwork is very colorful and beautiful. To save me the task of printing out this journal, I signed up for the Full Enrollment which costs $10, but besides getting a bound journal from them in the mail, I also get Unlimited SMF app access. Having explored this app, I feel the Journal plus the app is well worth the price of $10.

I love this app! Besides having the Jonah memory verses in several great translations, there are tabs where I can read commentary on my verses for that week, which helps me better understand the verses. One of my favorite features is the ability to hide and reveal lines from my week’s verses. This is so helpful for me! I like to hide all the lines of Scripture and see if I can say the verses without seeing them. Then I reveal one line at a time, practicing to say it. If I can say it easily I try to say the next line. If I don’t say it right, I hide that line again and keep practicing it until I can say it easily without hesitation (from trying to remember the verse.) Then when I can say my memory verses for that week I check the memorized button and it congratulates me and tells me the points I earned for memorizing those verse. Additionally it tracks my progress in memorizing the book of Jonah showing me how far I’ve come which is also encouraging.


As if having the treasure trove of wisdom and life lessons from the book of Jonah hidden in my heart isn’t already a fabulous reward itself, for those who choose the Full Enrollment of memorizing Jonah, Scripture Memory Fellowship will offer rewards to pick from when you finish memorizing the book of Jonah!

Jonah Facebook Group

The Jonah Facebook Group has proven to be both informative and encouraging. I’ve loved the various videos that Scripture Memory Fellowship has posted as well as people reciting their verses for the week. In addition, SMF posts challenges to encourage people to post a video of them reciting their verses. Last week I won a $5 Chick-Fil-A gift card from doing just that! Woo hoo!

Memorizing Jonah will be easier than you think

I know memorizing an entire book of the Bible sounds overwhelming, and 48 verses sounds like a lot. However, Scripture Memory Fellowship has done a great job of breaking it down into totally doable weekly challenges. Like I said, I’ve memorized various Psalms and a couple chapters of Isaiah. However I really believe memorizing Jonah will be even easier, though there are more verses. Why? Because it is a true story with a very logical flow of thought. Having never memorized a Bible story, I am now very pumped up to memorize many more stories from the Bible after I finish memorize Jonah!

How I memorized Jonah 1:1-3

Memorizing the first three verse of Jonah is surprisingly easy because it’s telling a story that happened.  Here’s how I did it.

1. I read though the verses looking for any theme, patterns or lists that would make memorizing it easier. Here’s what I noticed:

Verse 1    Tells that God reached out to Jonah as well as Jonah’s father’s name.

Verse 2     Says the exact instructions God spoke to Jonah when God called him to go to Nineveh.

Verse 3     Describes how Jonah responded to God’s call to go to Nineveh.

As far as patterns, I noticed in verse three, “from the presence of the Lord” is mentioned in the first and last parts of the verse greatly emphasizing that Jonah didn’t just to go to Tarshish. He actually went out of his way, fleeing “from the presence of the LORD.”

2. I read up about my verses for greater understanding.

In my observations of Jonah 1:3, I noticed Tarshish is mentioned three times. That didn’t  mean much to me at first glance, however I wondered why Tarshish was mentioned three times in one verse. I’ve found over the years when God’s Word repeats a particular word, phrase, etc. it is for emphasis. It’s God’s way of saying to us, “Listen up. I don’t want you to miss this.” So when I read the Lesson 1 email from SMF finally understood why Tarshish was mentioned so much. As it turns out Jonah really went out of his way to go to Tarshish both figuratively and quite literally.

According to Dakota Lynch, when God called Jonah to go to Nineveh, it was only 550 miles from where he was. However, Tarshish was 2, 500 miles away! Had Jonah obeyed God, he would have only had to travel the distance from New York City to upper Maine to evangelize. Instead, Jonah went out of his way to go to Tarshish, which is the equivalent of traveling from New York City to Southern California, which was far more challenging, exhausting, and even dangerous compared to if we were to travel from New York City to Southern California today.

3. I used the Hide and Reveal features of the SMF app to learn my verses and later quiz myself as I practiced to recite my verses. When I feel I know my verses, I ask my daughter to check my accuracy by reading along as I say my verses to her. (I do the same for her to help her with her accuracy with her Awana verses before she goes to Awanas to say her verses to her leader.) 😃

4. I listened to Jonah from my absolute favorite dramatic audio bible app, The Word of Promise (NKJV)

Get the app!
 I try to listen through the entire book of Jonah once through each day over the course of the week to get me very familiar with the book as a whole. This way I see the chapter themes and events clearer and can even begin to remember what's coming next.

None of the steps I take in memorizing scripture takes a lot of time. It takes me about 20 minutes tops to familiarize myself with my verses and practice saying them, I often will listen to my verses in the morning while I brush my teeth, style my hair, and put on my make up. Additionally I might listen through the book of Jonah in the car while I run errands or with my earbuds while i do housework or yard work.

Join me in Memorizing Jonah!

I hope you’ll join me in memorizing Jonah! Though at Christmas we’ll be busy making or buying gifts for our loved ones, what a gift we’ll enjoy when we have finally completely memorizing the entire book of Jonah!

In a few days I’ll post my plan for memorizing Jonah. I share my Scripture Memory Habits, my memorizing Jonah weekly tracker, as well as my go-to resources that I make the process of memorizing Scripture easier and enriching. I hope you’ll join me!

Question for you: What thoughts, feelings, or tips do you have about memorizing a book of the Bible? Do you have any plans for memorizing Scripture?

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