Making Positive Changes Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

If you are like me you can easily think of positive changes you’d love to see in your life. The only trouble is when we think of all that we’d have to do to make those changes, it can easily overwhelm us before we’ve even taken the first step. 


 Consider some things we may dream to become a reality:      

* Losing several pounds and getting in the best shape of our life  

* Writing a book and helping others with our message    

* Decluttering our house and making our home a haven      

* Paying off debt, or building up our savings, and feeling an enormous weight off our shoulders      

Whatever the Lord is impressing on our heart, whether it is to lose unhealthy weight or to simplify our home, with God’s help anything is possible. Still we can easily feel like we have such a long journey ahead of us and don’t even know where to begin. While we may, indeed, have a journey ahead of us, it doesn’t have to be a pain-staking one. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Here’s how to make those first few steps much easier until you start to build momentum in your new positive habits.   

The easiest way to start making positive changes that lead to big results is to make what you want to do as easy as possible.

 So what can you do to make it as easy as possible for you to make the positive changes you want to see come about in your life? Let’s look at a few examples to get your creative juices flowing on how you can make positive changes, in whatever season of life you’re in, that lead to big results.      

Want to lose some weight and get in the best shape of your life?   

Make it easy for you to get going in the right direction. For me, I didn’t want to have to give up any of my favorite foods, or have to do hours of intense exercise. I know if I feel like I’m deprived of my favorite foods and drinks, or deprived of eating when I’m truly hungry, I won’t be able to keep it up long enough to see results. Nor could I keep up session after session of doing exercises I don’t even like. Nor did I want to spend the rest of my life counting calories or journaling every bite, lick and taste.  

This book has been a major game changer for me!

So to make it easier for me to get going in the right direction, I began following the brilliant instruction from Josie Spinardi’s book that satisfied ALL my non-negotiables. Because of that, it was much easier for me to make the small changes that has enabled me to begin losing weight and keep the ball rolling.  Since then I have dropped a dress size and continue to lose weight consistently. The amazing thing about this is that for the first time in my adult life I am able to consistently lose weight without cutting out my favorite foods, counting calories, tracking every meal, etc. which is fabulously freeing!    

Want your house to be clean and presentable at a moments notice?

For tasks you may not enjoy, like cleaning the house, but you know it needs to be done, make it easy to keep your house clean and ready for company. Here’s how I’ve made it easy for me to keep my house clean and presentable Since my kitchen and bathrooms take the longest to clean compared to our living room and bedrooms, to make it easy to keep my kitchen and bathrooms guest beautiful throughout the week, I reorganized my cabinet under each sink to make room for all the cleaning supplies I’d need to keep that bathroom clean. Then when I need to use the bathroom to brush my teeth, do my hair, put on makeup, etc. if I see spots on the mirror or toothpaste in the sink, I can open up my cabinet, grab what I need and clean the areas that could use some freshening. Additionally, I like to keep small trash bags under the sink, so when I see the bathroom trash is getting full, I can pull out the entire bag of trash and have a fresh bag to replace it afterwards. Lastly, I like to keep a gallon jug of hand soap under the cabinet, so when I notice our hand soap pump is running low, I can refill it right then and there while I’m thinking about it. 

It’s nice being able to freshen up each room throughout the week, as it needs it, so the messes don’t pile up all week. The key is whatever changes you want to see in your life, make it easy for you to do them—and easy to sustain. It helps too if you can make a chore more enjoyable, too! One thing I like to do to make household chores or running errands more fun is to listen to wonderful teachings on the KWAVE app. At times I also enjoy listening to encouraging podcasts, inspiring audiobooks or upbeat Christian music.  

Want you and your family to eat more vegetables?

If you want you and your family to eat more vegetables, make it easy to do so by buying or making a veggie platter you can put on the counter as you prepare lunch or dinner. You and your family will be more inclined to snack on veggies simply because it’s easily accessible.    

 I’ve found my family won’t go rooting through the refrigerator looking for a snack if I have a veggie platter out and ready for snacking. Instead when they come in the kitchen looking for a snack, and see a veggie platter and yummy dip right there, they’ll eat veggies they weren’t even planning on eating simply because it’s there. I’ve also seen the same response when I make a big salad and have it out with our main entrée. My family inevitably will pile salad on their plate, simply because it’s easily accessible and ready to eat.  

Make It Easier to Break Bad Habits, Too!    

You can apply this same concept to things to habits you’d love to break, by making is more difficult to do the behavior you don’t want to do or just not do as much. Here’s a couple of ideas:    

Cutting Back on Splurges    

Maybe you habitually make purchases for coffee or fast food you enjoy, but you’d much rather save that money for more important things. The trick, make purchasing those treats difficult to do. One way would be to take a different route, so you do not drive by that place you always see and stop at.   

Or maybe you make it difficult for yourself by leaving your preferred method of payment at home or otherwise not easily accessible. The goal is to make doing the behavior you want to break difficult to do, so the temptation to do it diminishes in accordance to the difficulty. If I leave my cash at home and see my favorite coffee shop, while I will wish I could have a coffee. I am not tempted in the least to go there because I know I purposefully left my cash at home, so there is no way for me to splurge on a coffee.    

Curbing Time on Social Media   

When I found myself jumping on Facebook on my phone, much too often, I made accessing my app more difficult. 

Rather than having the app on my home page, I moved it several pages away and in a folder. I still use the app on my phone, but now way less than I used to because I took away the easy factor.

Ask God to give you Directio   

So what changes do you want to see in your life? How can you make accomplishing those changes easier for you or more difficult depending on your goal? 

Pray and ask the Lord how He would have you go about making such changes. He will be faithful to impress upon you the way you should go.     

Question for you: What things have you done to make it easier for you to form good habits or routines in your life?      

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