Count Your Blessings with Gratitude Journaling

I love November when people's attention turns from Halloween's creepy decorations and movies and turns towards giving thanks and counting one's blessings. For me, it makes entering the Christmas season all the more wonderful. I encourage you to join me in starting and keeping a gratitude journal. I'll be using this Gratitude Journal, I made, that's available for instant download on Etsy, at my shop Joyful Life Printables. The simple layout makes it easy to journal in just minutes at a time, but what a treasure trove of God's goodness and faithfulness to look back upon as your completed journal pages build up from each day you journal. Gratitude journaling is great to do by yourself, with your family, or with friends.


Today I'm very thankful for my daughters antibiotics to help get her on the mend from her pneumonia. There's so much to be thankful for!

Question for you: How great would it feel to have a written collection of blessings, answered prayers, and other forms of God's goodness to encourage your heart? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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