How I Lost 15 Pounds Naturally Without Giving Up My Favorite Foods

I have been praying that God would lead me to a natural way I could lose weight that would be a perfect fit for me. I have tried over the years to lose my unhealthy weight, but I never could stick with a program long enough to see results because it required me to tediously track and measure every food that passed my lips. Or It required I eat foods I don’t care for, and give up the foods and drinks that I enjoy most. Or it required me to commit to a grueling workout routine. None of those were doable for me. They were my deal breakers. God knowing my weaknesses and the desires of my heart led me this summer, when I least expected it to a new way of eating that met all my non-negotiables. He led me to a super simple, but brilliant way of eating that did not require me to:

  • give up my favorite foods
  • eat foods I don’t like
  • take pills or other supplements
  • do grueling workouts

These small changes I have made this summer have not felt burdensome or depriving at all—but rather freeing! This truly has been an answer to prayer. So far I’ve lost 15 pounds and am still losing!

Here’s What Worked For Me (and still does!)

I started listening to my body to tell me when it was time to eat

For years, I used to eat for so many reasons other than my body actually wanting food. I’d eat because I was bored, it was noon, other people were snacking, I was at the movies, I was frustrated, etc.

My habit of eating for every reason but real hunger, plus eating my oversized portions really fast, while distracted by other things was my recipe for weight gain. Over the last 18 years, all those unnecessary calories compounded into 50 extra pounds of unhealthy weight.

So this summer I started eating only when I was hungry. I’d keep myself busy until my body said it was time to eat. I still eat three meals a day plus dessert, so I’m not starving by any means. I’ve just switched my que to eat from the clock striking noon to when my body gives me a clear signal that it’s time to eat. It’s a lot like when I was potty training my toddler. I explained to her that God made our bodies to tell us when we need to go by giving us a clear signal. At any given time we know if we need to go or not. In the same way, our bodies give us a clear signal when it’s time to eat. If we ignore that signal it will return stronger and more frequent until we listen to our bodies need and eat.

I listened to my body to tell me when I’ve had enough

When my body stopped saying “I’m hungry.” Or “I’m still hungry” and as I ate bringing me to that point of contentment where my body’s hunger has been soothed and feels at peace again. That’s when I knew it was time to stop eating. Kids eat the same way. They’d rather play than eat when they aren’t hungry. But as soon as they are hungry they want to eat and playing isn’t so fun anymore, until their hunger is soothed and then eating is no fun and all they want to do is be excused from the table and get back to playing.

I gave my body the food it desired most

This guaranteed I would be satisfied with my meal even though I was eating a smaller portion than the oversized portions I was accustomed to serving myself. Now instead of the two pieces of pizza I'd normally eat, I slowly savor one piece of pizza and enjoy every bite!

I started paying attention to what I was consuming 

Whether I’m enjoying my favorite granola cereal and coffee with a favorite creamer, or at the movies enjoying buttered popcorn, I now pay attention as I eat my food or sip my coffee. I enjoy my food more when I take a moment to consider how delicious it is—how yummy it smells, how good it looks, how delicious it tastes, etc. I make sure I’m not multitasking while eating. I’ve multitasked during so many meals in the past. Thin Within has shown me if I eat undistracted, I enjoy my meal so much more, and feel that much more satisfied when my hunger level rises to feeling content—even with my smaller portion of a favorite food.

Before Thin Within, I could easily wolf down too big a portion, while distracted with something else, and afterward not feel satisfied because I was not really paying attention to my food. That would cause me to graze in the pantry til I found the food I really wanted to eat—and then eat that and be satisfied—as if the hundreds of calories I just wolfed down before that didn’t count. I’m so thankful to the Lord for Thin Within and the incredible ways the Lord is already using it in my life!

I began to savor my food, instead of wolfing it down
Because I enjoy my food, slowly savoring every tiny bite, it makes me all the more thankful to the Lord for the food He’s provided, because when I eat slowly I am able to notice the many blessings of my meal—the flavors, the textures, the colors, the smell, etc. Since I’m eating smaller portions than the oversized ones I used to dish up for myself, I make my meal stretch will smaller bites. I take just as long to eat my smaller portions as I did my oversized portions. The difference is I’m not eating fast or going back for a second oversized portion. So my smaller portion feels like its just as satisfying because I’m stretching the time it take me to eat it, by eating smaller bites and chewing thoroughly. I never knew eating smaller portions could be so satisfying!

The Freedom I Enjoy Now

Since I’ve established these eating boundaries to guard me from overeating, my life has been so blessed! When you think of boundaries, what comes to mind? Restriction? Denial?

I see my Thin Within boundaries like I see guard rails on the road where a sheer drop off is on the other side. They are put in place, and there, for my safety and to guide me in the way I should go.

I don’t trust in my boundaries. I trust in the Lord, and thank Him for my boundaries because of how He uses them in my life to protect me from overeating and guide me in eating what I love without overindulging.

Until this summer, I looked at boundaries as depriving and restricting. Now I recognize these boundaries as freeing.
  • I am now free to eat whatever my heart desires when I’m hungry.
  • I’m free to stop eating when I’ve eaten enough to soothe my hunger, so I don’t have to feel heavy and overly full after a meal.
  • I’m free to shed my excess weight, almost effortlessly, without counting, tracking, weighing, and measuring everything I eat.
  • I am free to eat when I’m hungry, and don’t have to deny myself from eating when I’m hungry because I don’t have enough points or calories left for the day.
  • I am free to eat from all food groups and continue to release weight without cutting carbs, sugar, etc.

I’m down 15 pounds, and without depriving myself of my favorite foods and drinks. I love the way God is using these boundaries in my life to help me shed my excess weight! I never imagined I could lose weight this simply without having to make some burdensome commitment and depriving myself of the things I enjoy most. With God all things are possible!

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Question for you: What are you doing to be healthier that's working for you? 

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