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I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page of all the resources I find myself recommending again and again. I’ll add to it as I learn more, but you’ll notice that in the future I will reference this page quite often. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts

Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee. —Psalm 119:11

Knowing the Bible can help you know God better. Here is a colorful, story-filled way for even the youngest child to take God's Word to heart—and learn the alphabet too!

Presented in an easy-to-use story format that applies individual Bible verses to real-life situations, this illustrated book for 3- to 7-year-olds is perfect for reading to your children or grandchildren, and great for use in churches, Christian schools, Bible clubs, or home schools. It can also be easily adapted for family devotions with young children.

The ABCs are building blocks to your child's formal education. And these verses are the building blocks of the soul—the building blocks that can lead to eternal life.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

“The Jesus Storybook Bible is unlike any other storybook. True, that’s to be expected when you combine the mesmerizing illustrations of Jago and the award-winning writing of Sally Lloyd-Jones, a Brit with an uncanny knack for storytelling. Not only is each story as vividly illustrated as it is portrayed, but also each tale is telling one Big Story---the Story of Jesus. Even the Old Testament stories of ‘The young hero and the horrible giant’ and ‘Daniel and the scary sleepover’ come full circle to Jesus, the greatest Hero, King, Lover and Rescuer the world has ever known. (More to Life Magazine)

''The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name' disproves the adage that you can't judge a book by its cover. Jago's award-winning cover art is a foretaste of the whimsically insightful and richly colored drawings that await you on every one of the book's 351 pages. The illustrations alone are worth the price of the book....Jago the illustrator, and Sally Lloyd-Jones the author, are a good pair. She brings the same creativity and sense of humor to her telling of the Bible's stories....But Lloyd-Jones's writing isn't cutesy. She has a grasp of the profound. How does one explain to a child the agony of Jesus in Gethsemane, and his prayer of surrender to his Father? Lloyd-Jones does it as well as any biblical commentator....The title and subtitle are even better than the book's delightful illustrations and narrative -- because they provide, in one deft stroke, the interpretive key that unlocks the meaning of the whole Bible. 'The Jesus Storybook Bible' says it all: The Scriptures are not merely a collection of stories designed to teach moral lessons. As Jesus explained to the men walking the road to Emmaus on Resurrection Sunday, the whole Bible is about Jesus. In the words of the subtitle, every story whispers his name....Lloyd-Jones manages to show again and again the presence of Christ in all the Old Testament Scriptures, and the presence of the Old Testament Scriptures in the life of Christ.' (Christianity Today)

The Jesus Storybook Bible is, in my opinion, one of the best resources available to help both children and adults see the Jesus-centered story line of the Bible. Tullian Tchividjian , Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (PCA, Fort Lauderdale, FL.)

The Action Bible

The Action Bible presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flow—and reinforcing the build-up to its thrilling climax.

The Action Bible (pictures can be graphic sometimes)

The Action Bible Audio CD's are awesome with each story told in dramatic audio! We love listening to them in the car.

Torchlighters Series (for older children since each show focuses on a Martyr. My Daughter is 10 and loves these!)

Torchlighters is a series of animated programs with church history heroes for ages 8-12. Episodes present the story of a true-life hero from history. Kids are challenged to carry their own torch while learning history. Samuel Morris, William Booth, Amy Carmichael, Perpetua, Richard Wurmbrand, Eric Liddell, Gladys Alward, Jim Elliot, William Tyndale, Augustine, John Bunyan, John Wesley.

* William Tyndale - follow Tyndale's adventures as a fugitive to avoid capture.

* Perpetua - In AD 203 in North Africa, Perpetua, an affluent young mother, is charged with converting to Christianity and is sent to prison.

* Jim Elliot - From the steamy jungles of Ecuador in 1956, 5 American men were killed by members of the Auca tribe--a people those young men went to serve.

* Amy Carmichael- Little Preena is snatched from the most gentle woman she has seen in months, will she find the missionary known as Amy Carmichael, who serves a different God?

* Gladys Aylward - Wounded missionary Gladys Aylward takes a 100-mile trek over mountains to a safe haven.

* John Bunyan - spends his days in prison, separated from his wife and children.

* Richard Wurmbrand - In war-torn Romania, there is one way for churches to get the protection of the government: support the communists who are in control.

* Eric Liddell Story - When Eric makes the announcement that he won't race on Sunday because of God, he is ridiculed.

* William Booth - Introduce children to the action-packed story behind The Salvation Army and its founder.

* Samuel Morris - Young Prince Kaboo knows his fate is sealed. Since his father can no longer meet his captors' ransom demands, Kaboo is to be killed.

* Augustine - Introduce children to Augustine, who rejected fame and fortune to become a voice for truth and a church father.

* John Wesley - The Founder of the Methodist Movement

Corrie ten Boom and her family are masters of their craft; they repair broken watches and return them safely to their owners. But as the evil of World War II sweeps through their city, a new kind of 'watch' comes to their care: an innocent Jewish baby, desperately needing protection from the cruelty of the new Nazi regime. How will the ten Booms keep this baby and many others out of harm's way, and what will be the cost of serving God amidst unthinkable evils? When faith is tested, hope is tried, and love is strained, will Corrie's God prevail? See her amazing story of courage, sacrifice, and forgiveness anew through this gripping episode of The Torchlighters.

Tip: If you have Amazon Prime you may still be able to stream it free through Amazon Instant Video. These videos are for sure at Jelly Telly. 

Keys for
Christian music, drama, and devotions for kids, streaming online 24/7, everyday! My daughter loves listening to this every day. Check it out!

The Saturday Morning KWAVE Kids Show

My little girl and I don’t go a Saturday morning without eagerly tuning into this wonderful radio show found on KWAVE, the radio ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. From 7:00am-9:00am (PST), each Saturday, we are encouraged by great worship, solid teaching, and heartwarming stories from Paws n Tales, Jungle Jam, and Adventures in Odyssey. Listening to this radio show while enjoying a great breakfast has turned into a favorite Saturday morning weekly tradition.

To listen on your computer go to KWAVE and click the “Listen Live” button in the upper right sidebar. Or even better, if you have a mobile device you can download the free KWVE app and tune in at show time at the tap of a button. (Note: During the rest of the week, KWAVE features the teachings of fabulous Bible teaching pastors. I love to listen every chance I get. Because of this, KWVE is one of my most frequently used apps.)

Paws and Tales

We've been listening to Paws and Tales for years now. It is one of our favorite kid radio shows. If you subscribe to Jelly Telly, they have a lot of Paws and Tales videos based on their radio episodes!

Odyssey Adventure Club

We love Adventures in Odyssey and loved it even more when this club was created! Every episode of Adventures in odyssey at your fingertips plus so much more!

Jonathan Park

Jonathan Park is a great series for kids to learn the evidence for creation as they read or listen through each awesome adventure. We started listening to them when my daughter was 7 and we both absolutely love them! We are blessed to go to a church with an incredible library that has all their audio adventures on CD.

Buying each series gets pricey fast, so if you don't have the luxury of a Christian library to listen to these for free, I highly recommend buying the series from Jonathan when they go on sale after Thanksgiving OR you could have access to stream every audio episode with their app when you subscribe for $9.99 a month. Since one series usually runs for $39.99 each, $9.99 a month is a bargain to get to listen to them all


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